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Maintenance tips on how to keep your Farm King conventional auger preforming to the best of its ability.

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Beulah Machinery Pty Ltd 9930 Sydney Road, Cowra NSW 2794 Ph: (02) 6341 3270 • Fax: (02) 6341 3280 Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten CONVENTIONAL AUGER MAINTENANCE TIPS  Check Tension Cables are adjusted and Auger is straight.  Inspect condition of Drive Chain and Sprockets Sprockets should be free from damage and Aligned Chain should be tensioned and lubricated. Check “Grub Screws” in Sprockets are tight.  Grease any Grease Nipples  Inspect condition/level of Gearbox Oil.  Check Engine Oil level (NOTE - If you can’t remember when you last changed the oil, CHANGE the Oil and Filter. Oil and Filters are cheap.)  Remove any old stale fuel and replace with fresh fuel.  Inspect condition of Drive Belts for “chips and cracks”.  Ensure ALL Safety Guards are in place and secure.  Run Auger for 2 mins at half speed to ensure smooth operation (NOTE - Do not run Auger at full speed e mpty, as damage may occur).


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