Farm King

Manitoba, Canada

Conventional Augers

Conventional augers can be used for loading and unloading trucks and silos and have a motor mounted to the frame. 8", 10", and 13" models range from 36' to 61' long and can be fitted with manual or hydraulic mover kits.

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Swing-Away Augers

Swing away augers are ideal for loading grain into silos and bunkers when a tractor is available. Models are 10", 13", and 16", from 60' up to 104'. Farm King scissor lift undercarriage allows more reach than standard A-frame augers.

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Roller Mill

Farm King roller mills are designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed. Built with durable, heavy-gauge materials, Farm King roller mills deliver top-quality processed grain with minimum maintenance and low operating costs.

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Grain Cleaner

Farm King grain cleaners use a pair of rotating drums fitted with screens to separate out trash from your grain. An assortment of screen sizes allow you to use this machine on different crops.

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Grader Blades

Available in five series suitable for tractors ranging from 15 hp to 150 hp, Farm King rear blades are capable of tackling tough scraping projects.

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