Farm King 3 Point Linkage Grader Blades

Farm King 3pt Linkage Grader Blade

Available in 9' and 10' Widths

Beulah Machinery stocks Farm King grader blades in 9' widths for tractors up to 100 HP and 10' widths for tractors up to 150HP. Mounting via the tractor's rear 3-point linkage these tractor graders blades are a popular farm implement for cleaning up driveways and ditches. The grader blade offset adjustment allows for reaching out past the tractor's wheels to tidy up near fencelines and buildings.

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Standard Features:

Grader Blade

Reversible Blade

Long wearing cutting edge is reversible to allow twice the wear life.

Rear Wheels

Rear Gauge Wheel

Comes as standard, essential for achieving a smooth surface. Ratchet jack out of the way when not needed.

Hydraulic Grader Blades

3-Way Hydraulics

Hydraulic cylinders control the grader blades' angle, horizontal tilt, and offset from the tractor.

Grader Angle

Blade Angle

Control the width of cut and dirt ejection. Narrower settings are easier to pull in harder ground.

Grader Offset


Adjust the grader blade from centred behind the tractor to kicked out the left or right side. Reach out to clean along buildings and fencelines.

Grader Blade Tilt

Blade Tilt

Allows for grading along roadways and drainage.


Model C9102 C10155
Product Page 9' Grader Blade 10' Grader Blade
Width 9' (2.7m) 10' (3.0m)
Rating 100 HP 150 HP
Weight 550 kg 695 kg
King Pin 3.5" solid 4" solid
3-Point Hitch Cat. II and III Cat. II and III
Hitch Offset 22° left or right 22° left or right
Cutting Edge High Carbon 1/2" x 6" reversible High Carbon 1/2" x 6" reversible
Moldboard 1/4" x 18" 5/16" x 21.5"
Blade Angle 30° left or right 30° left or right
Blade Tilt 13° left or right 13° left or right
Angle - Forward 5-position 5-position
Angle - Reverse 5-position 5-position