S Houle Rock Rakes

The Easiest Way to Clear Your Land of Rocks and Other Unwanted Debris

When your paddock is riddled with rocks, tree roots or other debris, you need a SHoule rock rake to clean things up. Made from the highest-grade material to support greater shocks and loads in tough Australian conditions, and available in 10', 15', and 30' models, we guarantee there is a SHoule rock rake to suit your needs.

All rakes come standard with bolt on, reversible and replaceable teeth made of RT-400 steel which are 4 times stronger than market standards. They are driven by heavy duty double chains located in a sealed drive case for complete dust and rock protection.

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Why Nothing Else Compares

Rock Rake from Behind

Fast & Efficient

Clever engineering sees SHoule rakes have an overlapping spiral pattern that smoothly rakes stones with no gaps, minimising skipped rocks being left behind. This saves you time bringing scattered stones into a neat windrow for collection with your bucket or picker.

You'll also spend less time maintaining your machine because of the ingenious bolt on teeth that don't need constant hard surfacing.

Rock Rake Suspension System

Built for a Hard Life

When doing a hard job, you need hard tools, and they don't come tougher than SHoule. SHoule rock rakes are built to take a pounding with a 6"x6" main frame, the strongest frames in the industry, and heavy-duty floatation system on the SWD-15. Let's face it, rock equipment never has easy days, so you want equipment that won't let you down.

Trailing models have 11L-15 tyres to handle the roughest terrain from outback Qld to the rugged high-country plains.

Rock Rake Replaceable Teeth

Reversible, Replaceable, High Strength Teeth

We have the toughest teeth on the planet. All teeth are made of RT-400 wear plate steel, commonly used in mining applications and 4 times stronger than standard steel. The entire tooth is made of abrasion resistant steel, rather than just a hard surface on top of soft steel which you'll find on inferior products.

The teeth can be reversed to effectively double the wear life and having bolt on teeth means less time on the ground trying to hard surface or gouge off weld from the drum.

The overlapping spiral pattern efficiently rakes stones with no gaps and windrows rocks 50mm and up.

Rock Rake Maintenance - Sealed Chain

Sealed Chain Case

A sealed chain case protects from abrasive dust and extends the life of the internal components (chain, gears, bearings) while still providing easy access if required. This is a must if you want your equipment to last in the harsh Australian climate and not be dealing with replacements on a regular basis

Rock Rake Heavy Duty Chain

Dual Drive Chain

Protected inside the sealed chain case, you'll find the heavy-duty double chains which power the rotating drum for longer service life. It's this double strength that keeps your SHoule rock rake out on the land working and not stuck in the shed. 15' models use an eccentric tensioning system while the 10' rakes have a threaded tensioner.

Rock Rake Mechanical Protection

Mechanical Protection

A multiple disc slip clutch protects the drive train from sudden shocks and damage while rock shields and protective covers on the drive line prevent damage to the PTO.

15' models have a suspended drum to follow ground contours and absorbs shock from heavier rocks protecting your equipment.

Contact us today with your requirements and we'll provide you with the ideal solution at an affordable price.

Choose the Rock Rake to Match Your Requirements

  WD-10B WD-10H PWD-10 SWD-15M SWD-15H DRR-30H
Drive 540 HYD 540 540 HYD 540
Weight 840 kg 953 kg 1134 kg 1940 kg 6125 kg
Hitch 3PL 3PL /
Skid Steer
Trailing Trailing
(Hydraulic Fold)
(Hydraulic Fold)
Rec. HP 65 - 125 HP 65 - 125 HP 65 - 125 HP 80+ HP
Working Width 8' 8" (2.7m) 8' 8" (2.7m) 13' 10" (4.2m) 27' (8.2m)
Transport Width 11' 3" (3.5m) 11' 3" (3.5m) 8' (2.43m) 10' 2" (3.1m)

Watch the SHoule Rock Rake in Action



Contact us today with your requirements and we'll provide you with the ideal solution at an affordable price.

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