Fabrication SHoule

Quebec, Canada

SHoule Rock Buckets

Rock Buckets

SHoule’s rock bucket is available for all types of tractors, and comes in models from 4’ to 9’ and different strength, to suit tractors from 30hp to 200+ hp. These rock buckets offer great strength, flexibility, durability, and BB class buckets are ideal for clearing debris such as for construction cleanups.

Beulah Machinery stocks bolt on brackets for most front end loaders and custom ones can be fabricated.

SHoule Rock Rakes

Rock Rakes / Windrowers

SHoule rock rakes are available in 10' and 15' models, with fully enclosed chain case to stand up to dust. The teeth are made from RT-400 steel for extended wear life, and are reversible and replaceable. The 10' model is available in 3-point linkage or trailing model, and the 15' is trailing with either manual or hydraulic fold for transport.

SHoule Rock Rakes

Rock Pickers

SHoule rock pickers are built with great attention to detail to offer many advantages. In addition to the customary SHoule sturdy, heavy build, these rock pickers offer many features when it comes to functionality, visibility, bucket capacity and maximum pickable rock diameter.

SHoule Land Levelers

Land Levelers

The SHoule land leveler has a replaceable blade, hydraulic lift, and can achieve side grades of 6º with the tilting basket.