Aircart Pre-season Checklist

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Aircart Pre-season Checklist

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1. ABN 33 130 180 219 Beulah Machinery Pty Ltd 9930 Sydney Road, Cowra NSW 2794 Ph: (02) 6341 3270 • Fax: (02) 6341 3280 Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten AIRCART PRE - SEASON CHECKLIST  Inspect - Safety Chain is free from damage and fitted correctly - Draw Bar Pin for excessive wear - Tyre pressure - Wheel Bearings - C ondition of rubber seals – Metering System and Lids - C ondition of Meter Rollers - E nsure bearings turn freely - Meter Roller Segments are free from damage and debri  Grease all Grease Nipples  Ensure Meter Rollers fit correctly  Win d Metering System over by hand (or use calibration mod e on VRT) to ensure e verything turns freely and does not “bind”  Check condition of Drive Chains (“Dry Lube” as not to attract dust)  Start Tractor and “Pressurise” Tank - W ith Soapy Sol ution, spray over all sealing surfaces to check for air leaks ( don’t forget the lids) - Inspect Seed Hoses for damage and/or wear  While Aircart operatiting, check and “listen” to fan operation - C heck for “bearing rumble” - Check fan is running smooth  While Aircart is running - C heck hydraulic hoses for leaks - Check Auger operation  Inspect Electical Harness and Connections for damage - S praying electrical “contact” spray on plugs, can ensure a good conection - Check Monitor is operating correctly, eg - showin g no “Error Codes”


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