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Beulah Machinery are the Australian Distributor for Dutch Openers.

Leading edge groundbreaking tools for regenerative farming.

With a large range of universal and brand specific openers, crop lifters and hardware.

Dutch openers are also the only opener that works better with every farm colour -  You’ll do better with Dutch! 

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What makes Dutch Openers products different from other seed openers?  We’ve narrowed the list down to five key elements that make Dutch Openers stand out. 

1. PRECISION SEEDING We understand how important seeding season is to your entire year’s success. That's why every opener we create is designed to ensure accurate seed and fertilizer placement to improve overall yield. Regardless of your soil conditions, our products are engineered for superior product placement. 

2. DURABILITY Dutch Openers are built to handle the toughest terrains our farmers have to work in and are designed to last longer than OEM openers. For example, our Vertical Series Openers are created with 74% more steel and carbide than other vertical openers, making them one of the strongest bodies on the market. Dutch uses tungsten carbides on the areas of the opener most susceptible to wear in addition to tungsten hard surfacing for extra longevity. This is backed up by Dutch’s comprehensive warranty policy. 

3. EASE OF USE We understand that a farmer’s least favourite place to be is under the drill, which is why we design our openers to be as easy to install and to repair as possible. Our Dutch tips to fit Bourgault Tillage Tools offer a safe and user-friendly converter bushing that eliminates the bolt-nut combo. This creates easy-to-change tips which are replaceable with a hammer and punch for faster installation. This means farmers spend less time under the drill and more time in the field finishing their seeding on time. 

4. VERSATILITY With bodies to fit all standard air drills and tips to suit all possible seeding needs, there’s no end to the possibilities that can be accomplished with our openers. The Universal Series has up to 27 tip options available providing ultimate versatility. This allows you to select your required seed to fertilizer separation to meet your specific seeding needs. 

5. INNOVATION THROUGH THE PRODUCER Producers understand the obstacles they are experiencing on the farm. Our cooperation with producers leads to innovations that assist in finding efficiencies in their seeding practices.  Our engineers use feedback from producers like you to continually perfect new and existing designs that outperform the competition.


To help you choose the right opener for your individual field conditions, Dutch Openers has prepared 7 easy

questions to gather accurate information from you. Our knowledgeable team at Beulah Machinery can also help you, providing the correct tools for the job! 

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Opener Series

Dutch Openers Outlaw Series


The Dutch Outlaw™ series was designed specifically for moisture conserving regions like Australia. The narrow style reduces soil disturbance while maintaining great seed and fertiliser placement.

This opener uses a patented triple or quadruple carbided 1/2" wide replaceable tip for minimal soil disturbance. The product delivery tubes are protected by carbide and tungsten hard surfacing to reduce wear in tough and abrasive soils.

Dutch Openers Vertical Series


The Vertical series from Dutch is perfect for farmers looking for a durable vertical opener that provides the flexibility of replaceable tips.

The Vertical series is built to last, with 74% more steel and carbide than other vertical openers on the market. It's perfect for rugged landscapes and slopes that put openers to the test.

Dutch Openers Universal Series


The Universal series opener offers the ultimate in versatility. With this body design you can switch from Single Shoot to Double Shoot with just one roll pin. Tips range from 1" to 5" wide spread.

Ideal for lighter soils where little vertical separation is needed, the wings use the newest Low Draft technology for less soil disturbance and lowest draft possible.

Openers for C-Shank

50 degree shank used on many manufacturers eg Flexi-Coil 820, Morris Concept 2000, etc. 

  • Outlaw

  • Vertical

  • Universal

Bourgault Paralink Openers

  • Outlaw

  • Vertical

  • Universal

Bourgault Tillage Tools Replacement Tips

Flexicoil / Stealth Replacement Tips

Horsch Sprinter NT Openers

  • Outlaw

John Deere 1870 Conserva-Pak Points & Boots


Morris C2 / Quantum Openers

  • Outlaw

  • Vertical

  • Universal

Seed Hawk Openers


  • Fertiliser Shank

  • Seed Shank

    • Replaceable knife with steel tube

    • Inline for trash flow, paired row or sideband

Seed Master Openers


  • Fertiliser Shank

    • Replaceable tip

    • Steel granular tube

  • Seed Shank

    • Replaceable tip

    • Steel granular tube

    • Inline for trash flow, paired row or sideband

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