GCS Grain Cleaners Australia
(Air Powered)

GCS Grain Cleaner

Seed cleaners for farm and commerical use

  • No Screens - handles all grain types

  • Easy - 5 minute setup

  • Convenient - clean when it suits you

  • Clean Seed - sow the heaviest grains

Single Phase

Plug in to standard mains outlets, no expensive generator required.

No Screens

Easy adjustment between crops and no expensive screens to buy or wear out.

Higher Return

Upgrade grain for a higher price or clean seed to only use the best seeds.

Clean Damaged Seed

Excellent at removing insect damage, weevils, and ergot as well as frosted and crimped grains.

Right Size

Available in multiple sizes for cleaning grain to sow up to high harvest capacity.

Ready When You Need It

Clean when it suits you - no more waiting & wondering if the custom cleaner will show.

How it Works

How the GCS Air Powered Grain Cleaner Works

Advantages of the GCS Cleaner

  • You decide WHAT you need to do to your grain - clean it, grade it or both.

  • You decide WHERE you need the job done - a fixed location or remotely on the trailer.

  • You decide WHEN you need the job done - in the paddock, at the silo, or pre-sale.

No More:

  • Can you do it this way?

  • I have to bring it where?

  • When can I get it done?

All our Equipment is:

  • Farmer Friendly - easy to use, no screens, all grain types and mechanically simple

  • Grain Friendly - no mechanical contact with the grain (no damage)

  • Checkbook Friendly - lower initial cost, lower operating cost and lower maintenance cost


Examples of Cleaned Grains

Click through the tabs to see results of different grains put through the cleaner.

Don't see what you are looking for? Send us a sample 20L pail and we can run it through.

Frequent Questions

The GCS grain cleaners typically come with 3 chutes plus a heavy stream and the fines blowing out the end. Depending on setup and the grain being cleaned you can group multiple streams together.

For example, if you are just blowing out light trash you might use 2-3 augers: 1 to fill the hopper, 1 or 2 for the grain (bests/seconds), and leave the rock and dust to blow on the ground.

Generally we find the air cleaner easier to operate and more flexible. A screen cleaner requires having multiple sets of screens to change from one product to another whereas the air cleaner fan speed is easily adjusted. The air cleaner also works on density so can remove insect and frost damaged seeds.

A rotary screen cleaner like the Farm King 480 is good if you are only cleaning 1 product that is easily separated by size, eg splits out of chickpeas.

Cleaning for seed we recommend the air powered cleaners, in particular the 5t and 10t models are popular for sowing.

GCS cleaners are very efficient and reach their capacity using single-phase power. Most models work on a 10A circuit and the largest 60t uses a 15A plug.

A 7.5 kVA generator is plenty to run a grain cleaner and a few pencil augers.

The scalper works as a pre-cleaner to get rid of any large sticks and debris that might not flow or get jammed up in the air cleaner inlet gate.

If you are just looking to remove large matter a scalper may be all that is needed. Contact us to discuss your options.

Every customer has a different setup and requirements but some ways they have been mounted are:

  • A trailer with generator and pencil augers

  • Frame that can be forked onto a ute and moved around to silos/trucks

  • Fixed location and trucks brought to it

We recommend a 20L sample of your product to trial but some cases where the GCS cleaner struggles are:

  • Product does not flow smoothly or bridges in feed hopper (wet or damp, large objects like sticks and leaves)

  • Where the target and undesired products have a close weight/size ratio (eg in grape mash, dried skins and seeds)

In these situations a scalper cleaner is ideal for either a first-pass or complete clean.

Contact us to discuss your grain & seed cleaning requirements



Barley Cleaning Demo

15t seed cleaner machine mounted on a trailer with pencil augers.


Welker Farms Review


GCS Scalper

Paired with the GCS Air Grain Cleaner, the Scalper can reduce sticks, pods, and other oversize material before the cleaning process to deliver results of the highest quality

Models & Specifications

Capacity (t/hr)
Power (kW)
Length (m)
Length w/Hood
Width (m)
Height (m)
Weight (kg)
25 2.2

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