Pillar DH Disc Seeder

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Pillar Seeder in Heavy Stubble

Handles Heavy Trash

Crop residue is no problem with the Pillar disc seeder. A self-sharpening 18" disc carves the initial trench and the patented seed boot creates a firm seed bed without smearing. Save on residue management and retain moisture with a Pillar.

Pillar Seed Trench

No Hairpinning

The patented Pillar opener eliminates seed hairpinning by carving a seed bed under even extreme crop residue. The seed boot lifts away soil without smearing the seed bed. 

Pillar Working with Pre-Emergent Chemicals

Works with Pre-Em's

Missing pre-emergents from your cropping program? At 10 km/h the Pillar DH disc seeder generates enough soil throw to incorporate pre-emergent herbicides. The disc cleaning wheel is used to adjust the amount of soil disturbance

Seed Placement

Pillar Seed Placement Diagram

Dual Shoot Separation

Dual placement off a single opener puts the seed and fertilizer in the optimum locations.
1.5" (38mm) vertical and horizontal separation means using high rates of fertiliser without risking seed burn and precise seed placement.

Presswheel Options

Presswheel Sets Depth

Different presswheels help the Pillar perform optimally in different soil types. The DS or dual rib is an all-rounder that closes the trench without overpacking the seed. Smooth options work well in sandy soil and the RS is for tricky soils that resist closing.

Liquid Fertiliser Placement with Disc Seeder

Liquid Fertiliser Option

Patented Pillar seed boot allows placing of liquids and seed treatments with both the seed and fertiliser.

Maintenance & Operation

Pillar Opener Display stand

Easy Maintenance

Two grease points per opener and quick change disc hubs means spending more time sowing. Next generation GEN III openers can be optioned with an auto-greaser and frame pivot points are easily serviced with grease banks.

Pillar Disc Seeder Depth Adjustment

Quick Depth Adjustment

Depth is easily set on the rear presswheel in 1/4" (6mm) increments and the entire bar can be adjusted in minutes. Subframe shims allow small adjustments easily.

Pillar Frame with air cart

Ground Following

Active wing hydraulics and floating hitch keep the Pillar DH seeder following the ground. Independent openers maintain optimum seed sowing depth.

How Will It Work In My Soils?

Find Out On Your Farm

The best way to know if the Pillar disc seeder is going to work in your conditions is to see it in action. The small plot seeder allows us to easily conduct on-farm demos without the need for a tractor. As well it has all 3 presswheel options mounted to show which one performs the best.

Outperform. We are always looking for the limitation in our equipment but everywhere we have tested the Pillar DH drill has given outstanding results. Whether accurately sowing through 1m standing grass, thick wet mats of residue, or soft irrigation country, the Pillar DH performs.

What can't it do? The Pillar DH drill is not zero-disturbance -- the patented opener creates similar soil movement to a tine machine and allows for incorporating pre-emergent chemicals in the crop management plan. The soil throw can be adjusted with the height of the cleaning wheel but the minimum spacing without infill is 10".

Pillar Plot Seeder

Frequent Questions

Based in Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada, Pillar was started in 2003 by a number of ex-Flexicoil employees after CNH purchased the company. Dick Friesen worked on the Barton opener in R&D and was approached by Hugh Barton to re-invent the disc opener and develop a double shoot system on a single disc.

As a rule of thumb, the Pillar DH opener at 10km/h requires similar tractor horsepower as an independent tine machine at 7 km/h.

Recommended operating speed is 10.5km/h. You can certainly go faster and still place the seed perfectly but bearing life is reduced and disc deflection can cause wear on the seed boot.

Hydraulic requirements are low. The wings use small amount with the active hydraulic system to transfer weight from the centre section and follow ground contours.

10" and 12" spacing are standard on the Pillar DH frames, with metric and 3m tramlines available on request.

Minimum spacing is restricted to 10" as the opener generates too much soil throw and infill at narrower spacing. The Pillar opener performs more like a tine that can get through any trash than a no disturbance single disc.

Our experience in some trickier soil types:

Sticky: Pillar openers go surprisingly well in sticky ground, especially compared to other discs. Stubble cover helps with shedding mud from the disc.

Rocks: Rocky ground increases disc wear but the opener does not bring them up like C-shank tine machines.

In general Pillar Openers are only available with the DH frame and can not be retrofitted to other bars. The mounting bar design is critical to the operation of the unit and performance will be sacrificed if mounted on a different frame.

2 year structural defects excluding ware parts, tyres, hoses, bearings
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# Openers
Transport Width
30' 10" 36
10,478 kg 6.15m
30' 12" 30
10,002 kg
40' 10" 48
13,713 kg 6.15m
40' 12" 40
12,987 kg
50' 10" 60
18,258 kg 7.16m
50' 12" 50
17,418 kg 7.16m
60' 10" 72
19,838 kg
60' 12" 60
18,829 kg 7.16m