Pillar DH Disc Seeder

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Weed Control

Missing pre-emergents from your cropping program? At 10 km/h the Pillar DH disc seeder generates enough soil throw to incorporate pre-emergent herbicides. The disc cleaning wheel is used to adjust the amount of soil disturbance


Dual Shoot Separation

Dual placement off a single opener puts the seed and fertilizer in the optimum locations.
1.5" (38mm) vertical and horizontal separation means using high rates of fertiliser without risking seed burn and precise seed placement.


No Hairpinning

The patented Pillar opener eliminates seed hairpinning by carving a seed bed under even extreme crop residue. The seed boot lifts away soil without smearing the seed bed. 

Pillar Disc Seeder Depth Adjustment

Easy Operation

Depth is easily set on the rear presswheel in 1/4" (6mm) increments and the entire bar can be adjusted in minutes.

Pillar Opener Display stand

Easy Maintenance

Two grease points per opener and quick change disc hubs means spending more time sowing.



Available in widths 30 - 60' (9 - 18m) and standard with 10" or 12" spacing.


# Openers
Transport Width
30' 10" 36
10,478 kg 6.15m
30' 12" 30
10,002 kg
40' 10" 48
13,713 kg 6.15m
40' 12" 40
12,987 kg
50' 10" 60
18,258 kg 7.16m
50' 12" 50
17,418 kg 7.16m
60' 10" 72
19,838 kg
60' 12" 60
18,829 kg 7.16m

How Will It Work In My Soils?

Lets Find Out On Your Farm

The best way to know if the Pillar disc seeder is going to work in your conditions is to see it in action. The small plot seeder allows us to easily conduct on-farm demos without the need for a tractor.

Defy Expectations. We are always looking for the limitation in our equipment but everywhere we have tested the Pillar DH drill has given outstanding results. Whether accurately sowing through 1m standing grass, thick wet mats of residue, or soft irrigation country, the Pillar DH performs.

What can't it do? The Pillar DH drill is not zero-disturbance -- the patented opener creates similar soil movement to a tine machine and allows for incorporating pre-emergent chemicals in the crop management plan. The soil throw can be adjusted with the height of the cleaning wheel but the minimum spacing without infill is 10".

Pillar Plot Seeder

Interested in an On-Farm Demo?