Available at Beulah Machinery, AGI Westfield Belt Conveyors are built tough to perform yet designed and engineered for gentle handling of delicate seeds and commodities. 

AGI Westfield conveyors are low maintenance, high capacity and require the minimal horsepower to get the job done. Since 1951, AGI Westfield has built a reputation for superior quality farming equipment that’s second to none. The range of Belt Conveyors is no exception.


Designed for practicality, speed, and ease of use, the AGI Westfield Belt Conveyor Series is the logical choice when it comes to moving your valuable seeds or commodities.

ü  Three sizes to choose from and a variety of lengths to suit your volume requirements.

ü  All AGI Westfield conveyors come standard with weather guards to protect your investment.

ü  A maximum service angle of 30 degrees, and a plastic hood and collapsible canvas hopper provide excellent cushioning for fragile materials.

Check out the link below for full specifications.

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7 Great Reasons to Choose an AGI Westfield Belt Conveyer

  • Gentle Handling
    Specialty crops, seed and some commodities are very susceptible to impact damage caused by conventional grain handling systems. AGI Westfield Belt Conveyors minimize impact damage and help protect grade quality and germination performance of seed.

  • Low Maintenance/Long Wear
    Engineered, designed, and built for rugged, long-lasting performance with heavy-duty features like our quality rubber belting, rated up to 3,000 hours.

  • High Capacity
    All AGI Westfield Conveyors are designed and built for high capacity and performance. Capacity increases as the angle of elevation decreases. See specifications for model performance.

  • Low Horsepower
    AGI Westfield’s unique design requires half the horsepower of screw augers, saving energy and freeing up larger tractors for other purposes.

  • Clean Convenience
    AGI Westfield Belt Conveyors require very little clean out when changing from one commodity to another, saving growers time and reducing contamination.

  • Pinch S-Drive
    AGI Westfield’s unique Pinch S-Drive is available on all series (except the low-profile transfer or pitstop) and eliminates slippage by making it easy to set and maintain belt traction. The spring take up helps to maintain tension while less friction minimizes damage to the conveyor belt, also invoking minimal stress on the bearings. Gas, electric or PTO Pinch S-Drive options available.

  • Pinch Top Drive
    An affordable option unique to AGI Westfield is the Pinch Top Drive. The pinch roller system at the top end ensures positive belt traction. Electric or hydraulic Pinch Top Drive options are available.

Choose the Westfield Belt Conveyor to Match Your Requirements

Westfield Belt Conveyor Models & Specifications
15:49 FLTD Field Loader 10" 15" 49' Electric or Hydraulic
160 t/hr
15:49 FL FMD Field Loader 10" 15" 49' Engine
245 t/hr
1500 Scissor Lift 10" 15" 77' / 87' / 102'
160 t/hr
1500 SA Swing Away 10" 15" 75' / 90'
160 t/hr
2400 SA Swing Away 14" 23.5" 104' / 120' PTO
360 t/hr
2400 PitStop Drive Over 14" 23.5" - Electric or Hydraulic
380 t/hr

Field Loader Conveyor

WCX2 Field Loaders

The WCX2 field loaders have been engineered for ease of maintenance, optimized containment, and maximum speed.

New Design and Features.

  • Narrower hopper clearance at the transition, so you can get into tighter spaces

  • Upgraded hopper cloth frame which is stronger and easier to replace

  • Removable skid plate under intake hopper to protect the belt from damage and to stop debris from getting onto the belt and into your truck or air seeder!

  • Enhanced intake design and transition for increased flow

  • Angle indicator for positioning

  • S-drive tension indicators for easy adjustment

  • High-performance grip tires on WCX2 1549 FMD

Engine Driven Field Loader

WCX2 15:49 FL FMD Field Loader

  • 49 Foot Long

  • Low profile Field Loader Hopper   

  • 10 inch Tube / 15" inch Belt  

  • 245 tons per hour 

  • 32 hp Kohler Motor (Under Mounted) 

  • Pinch S Drive

  • Hydraulic joystick controlled Mover Kit with 4-wheel steering for effortless manoeuvrability 

    • Spring loaded walking axles to keep tires on the ground

    • 6.5" wide all-terrain tires for added floatation to allow the unit to ride over rough terrain

Top Drive Field Loader Conveyor

WCX2 15:49 FLTD - Top Drive Field Loader

  • 49 Foot Long

  • Low Profile Field Loader Hopper (standard hopper pictured)

  • 10 inch Tube / 15" inch Belt

  • 160 tons per hour

  • 7.5 kw Electric or Hydraulic Drive

Scissor Lift Conveyer

WCX Scissor Lift Conveyors - Motor Drive & Mover Kit


New Design and Features.

  • Lengths 67' / 77' / 87' / 102'

  • 10 inch Tube / 15 inch Belt

  • Hydraulic Mover Kit

  • 160 tons per hour

  • 32 hp Kohler Motor

Field Loader Conveyor

WCX Swing Away Conveyors - PTO Drive

A low-profile transfer conveyor/swing away with collapsible hopper is available on the 1500 and 2400 series conveyors for the 75' – 120' models.

1500 Series

  • Lengths 75' / 90'

  • 10 inch Tube / 15 inch Belt

  • 160 tons per hour

  • PTO Drive

  • Pinch S Drive

  • Hydraulic Powered Swing Away + Winch (Requires 12GPM)

  • Hydraulic Power Swing

2400 Series

  • Lengths 105' / 120'

  • 14 inch Tube / 23.5 inch Belt

  • 360 tons per hour

  • Side PTO Drive

  • S Drive

  • Hydraulic Powered Swing Away + Winch (Requires 18GPM)

  • Hydraulic Power Swing

Drive Over Conveyer

WCX 2400 Pit Stop Drive Over

New Design and Features.

  • 7.5" Clearance

  • 380 tonnes per hour

  • Gentle handling and fast up

  • 8' x 12' easy access dump  

  • Large, 32" x 114" hopper

  • Hydraulic lift on transport  

  • Discharge height – 36"

  • Overall length 27'  

  • Hydraulic or Electric drive (includes wet kit) 

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