Flexi-Coil Air Seeders

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Beulah Machinery has been importing and refurbishing used Flexi-Coil air seeders from the Canadian market for over 15 years and stock a full range of replacement parts.

All air carts and bars have been checked, reconditioned, and can be set up to your specification.

Row of Flexi-Coil Air Carts

Flexi-Coil air carts from 4,600L to 8,200L, 2 bin with monitor and auger, small seedbox is an option. Single shoot or double shoot.
Secondhand Flexi-Coil Air Seeder

Various sizes of Flexi-Coil 820 bars, 25’ to 62’, 9” and 12” spacing, 350lb to 650lb breakout. Can be set up with harrows, press wheels, or both. Single shoot or double shoot air kit.

OEM and Aftermarket Parts Available

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Trouble with your Flexi-Coil Monitor?

Complete replacement from AGTRON coming soon

Flexi-Coil Air Seeder Frame Size

Frame Size

Flexi-Coil 820 bars come in frame sizes from 25' to 62' (7.6m to 18.9m) depending on row spacing and trip breakout.

Frames are either narrow (5.7m transport) or wide centre (6.6m transport), and single or dual fold.

Flexi-Coil Spring Trips

Trip Breakout

Choose your spring trip force from 350lb, 550lb, or 650lb.

Flexi-Coil frames can be setup on 7.2", 9", or 12" spacing

Air Seeder Openers

Points and Boots

Options available include:

Flexicoil air seeder presswheels

Presswheels or Harrows

Choose press wheels, harrows, or coilpackers from Manutec and Agmaster.

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