SHAFT SENSOR, 5V & 12V [replaces Flexi-Coil 7543V2 / 84518628, 7936 / 12642]

    This combination does not exist.

    Aftermarket Sensor replaces Flexi-Coil:
    5V - 7543V2 / 84518628
    12V - 7936 / 12642

    Australian Stock
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    Direct Replacement Shaft Sensor for Flexi-Coil Air Carts

    OEM Sensors are currently not available from CNH. This is an aftermarket sensor that suits both 5V and 12V systems. These are used as fan speed sensors, on meter rollers, and for ground speed sensor.

    Universal Shaft Sensor. Works on both 5v and 12v remote systems as well as aftermarket monitors like AGTRON. Tested on Flexi-Coil 30 series and 20 series (1330, 1720, 2320) air carts. A similar sensor is available for 40 series carts fan speed sensor (replaces p/n 13976). 

    Replaces CNH Flexi-Coil part numbers:
    7543V2, 84518628, 7936, 12642, 91880431, 91873401