Farm King Conventional Grain Augers - Trusted by Farmers Worldwide

When you've got grain to move, Farm King conventional grain augers are the logical choice. Trusted for decades by farmers around the world because of their durability, reliability, and value, matched with a reputation for outstanding service and performance.

Designed for practicality, the gearbox is positioned to allow the auger to reach deeper into the bin. The ductile casting houses quality oil seals, ball bearings, and casehardened, forged gears, meaning the auger runs smoothly and requires less power.

Stability comes from the impressive wide stance of the undercarriage, constructed of hardened square tubes, providing you with a solid foundation to give you the confidence your Farm King auger won't buckle under pressure.

One of the many reasons Beulah Machinery has supplied Farm King conventional grain augers to Australian farmers for over 20 years is because we include the following necessary items as standard, and not as an optional extra.

  •  Kohler motor with electric start for convenience

  •  Reversing gearbox to easily clean out the auger or clearing a jam.

  •  25L Fuel tank so you don't have to stop even on the largest jobs

  •  Battery so it's ready for work

  •  Poly drop chute for flexibility and accuracy when filling

  •  Poly hopper to minimise spillage

  •  WorkCover compliance including fully enclosed belt guards and safety switch for your peace of mind.

Plus, we offer these options to customise your auger to suit your specific needs.

  • 3rd Wheel Manual Mover for easier position of the smaller augers.

  • Fully Hydraulic Mover, including:

    •  Hydraulic Winch

    •  2-wheel drive (on main 15" wheels)

    •  Steerable axle for manoeuvrabilty

    •  Rams on intake end for easier placement of auger into silos or on back of ute -- turns a two-man job into a safe one-man job

Contact us today with your requirements and we'll provide you with the ideal solution for your grain handling equipment at an affordable price.

Farm King Conventional Grain Auger Features in Detail

Square Auger Flight Joins

Square Flighting Couplers

Square flighting connectors prevent undue stress on connection bolts, even under heavy workloads. Unlike augers with round connectors, the Farm King conventional auger can continue to drive if a bolt breaks preventing a major spillage of grain.

Kohler Motor mounted on Grain Auger

Kohler Motor

A new Kohler motor is included with every Farm King conventional auger from Beulah Machinery. Having the motor mounted low in the frame rather than suspended on the tube allows for better access while unloading silos. Farm King augers have a simple in-and-out of gear system for engaging the motor drive.

Grain Auger Reversing Gearbox

Reversing Gearbox

Standard on every Farm King auger, the reversing gearbox is used for cleaning out the auger or clearing a jam. The saves time and prevents injury from manually clearing the auger. A neutral setting is used when transporting with the hydraulic mover kit without turning the flighting.

Grain Auger Heavy Frame


The wide stance of the undercarriage improves stability and is constructed with hardened square tubes to enhance strength and durability while providing a solid foundation you can trust. In addition to being well balanced, the heavy duty undercarriage features automotive-type hubs and bearings that improve ease of handling. Also included are the reliable safety clutch winches.

Farm King Grain Auger High Capacity Intake


The double flighting intake increases grain flow. A narrow safety guard and removable clevis hitch improve access to bins with small auger ports.

Grain Auger top mechanical drive

Top Drive

The top drive is housed in a sealed oil bath and features a chain-tightener. The components in the sealed oil bath are resistant to heat, dust, debris and moisture, reducing maintenance and enhancing the longevity of the chain and sprockets. Ideal for the harsh Australian climate.

Grain Auger Safety Stop Switch

Full WorkCover Compliance

Safety is paramount when working with machinery. Farm King conventional grain augers safety features include emergency stop switches located near the auger intake, fully enclosed belt guards that are still easy to remove for servicing, and compliant intake hopper guarding.

Fuel tank and Battery Box

Other Standard Inclusions

All conventional augers come standard with poly hopper, poly drop chute for the auger discharge, 25L fuel tank, battery, and battery box

Manual 3rd wheel mover

Optional 3rd Wheel Manual Mover

An optional jockey wheel allows for easier positioning of the smaller augers.

Hydraulic Drive Mover for Grain Auger

Optional Hydraulic Mover

The optional Farm King Hydraulic Mover Kit has a wide stance undercarriage for stability and is highly recommended for larger augers. The auger mover features two durable hydraulic motors that drive the main wheels, controlled by a user-friendly T-bar control. Perfect for a sole operator who requires the ability of moving a large auger from silo to silo.

Choose the Farm King Grain Auger to Match Your Requirements

Grain Auger Models & Specifications
836 8" 36' 23.5 HP 18' 1" (5.5m) 14' 10" (4.5m) 14' (4.3m) 70 t/hr
841 8" 41' 23.5 HP 28' 3" (8.6m) 13' 6" (4.1m) 18' 2" (5.5m) 70 t/hr
851 8" 51' 23.5 HP 32' 2" (9.8m)
18' 8" (5.7m)
22' 1" (6.7m) 70 t/hr
1041 10" 41' 23.5 HP 28' 3" (8.6m) 13' 11" (4.2m) 18' 1" (5.5m) 120 t/hr
1051 10" 51' 32.5 HP 35' 2" (10.7m) 16' 10" (5.1m) 22' 2" (6.8m) 120 t/hr
1061 10" 61' 35 HP 42' 0" (12.8m) 21' 5" (6.5m) 29' 2" (8.9m) 120 t/hr
1336 13" 36' 35 HP 19' 1" (5.82m) 13' 2" (4.01m) 14' 3" (4.3m) 240 t/hr

Contact us today with your requirements and we'll provide you with the ideal solution at an affordable price.

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