Farm King Swing Away Grain Augers

Farm King PTO driven augers have proved their durability, reliability, and value for decades around the world.

Beulah Machinery has been supporting Farm King products for nearly 20 years and have built a reputation for outstanding service and performance.

Square Grain Auger Flight Connections

Square Flighting Couplers

Square connectors allow the auger to run even if the coupling bolt is broken, unlike augers with round connectors that break with a barrel full of grain.

Grain Auger Scissor Lift Diagram

Scissor Lift

The engineered undercarriage requires only 1600 psi hydraulic pressure to raise and lower the auger and allows Farm King augers to fill larger bins than using a standard lift.

Grain Auger Leveling Hopper

Self-Leveling Hopper

The self-leveling hopper will remain level regardless of auger height. The unique design allows the intake hopper to be loaded on uneven terrain.

Grain Auger PTO Gearbox

1000 RPM Gearbox (Optional)

Optional for 13" models (standard on 16104), the 1000 RPM Gearbox allows use of the auger on tractors lacking a 540 drive PTO.

Grain Auger Hydraulic Mover

Hydraulic Hopper Mover (Optional)

The optional hydraulic mover (standard on the 16104) adds hydraulic motors to the inside wheels of the swing away hopper so it can be positioned easily. Works well on sloping terrain or for accessing bottom hopper trailers.

Grain Auger Retracting Hopper

Retracting Swing Auger (Optional)

13" and 16" augers can be fitted with a retracting swing auger that provides unsurpassed flexibility to your swing away auger. Hydraulically driven, the swing auger rotates and extends out into position. With the Rodono Xtend, trucks can unload without needing to reverse to the auger, and the 10' (3m) wide hopper eliminates scraping corners.

Steering Axle on Grain Auger

Steerable Axle (Optional)

Available for the 13" Farm King Swing Away grain augers, the steerable axle makes modern augers easier to maneuver.

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1060 10" 60' 48 HP 43' 8" (13.31m) 22' 3" (6.78m)
1070 10" 70' 55 HP 48' 0" (14.63m) 27' 10" (8.48m)
1080 10" 80' 65 HP 55' 0" (16.76m) 34' 9" (10.59m)
1370 13" 70' 80 HP 50' 0" (15.23m) 27' 5" (8.36m)
1385 13" 85' 90 HP 59' 6" (18.14m) 31' 10" (9.70m)
1395 13" 95' 100 HP 66' 4" (20.22m) 38' 9" (11.81m)
16104 16" 104' 175 HP 77' 4" (23.57m) 36' 1" (11.00m)


Standard Equipment:

  • Isolating Valve to prevent the auger from creeping down
  • Safety Flow Valve keeps the auger lowering at a predetermined speed
  • Hardened Pins on the undercarriage for strength
  • Tapered Roller Bearing at the top to take down force rather than roller bearing
  • Reversing Kit allows the auger to be cleaned or cleared of a choke
  • Poly Drop Chute

13" Options:

  • Hydraulic Winch on intake auger
  • Hydraulic Mover for hopper
  • 1000 PTO Gearbox
  • Steerable Axle

16104 comes standard with:

  • Hydraulic Winch for intake auger
  • Hydraulic Mover for hopper
  • Light Kit
  • 1000 PTO Gearbox

Swing Away Augers can be fitted with the Rodono XTEND for faster and more efficient unloading of bottom hopper grain trailers.