Roto-Shear Vertical Knives Common Unit

RS 27000-00

    This combination does not exist.

    includes Collector Rod and Divider Board
    (this will do 1 side of header)

    Australian Stock
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    Roto-Shear owners know that when harvesting lodged or tangled crops like canola and peas, this is an essential piece of equipment that they would never be without again. When time matters most, Roto-Shear has proven itself to be dependable in the toughest harvests, cutting through tangled and lodged crops with speed and efficiency.

    The simplicity and quality of the design makes it essentially maintenance-free. Roto-Shear customers declare that it is the most durable and reliable windrower crop cutter they have ever used, outperforming everything else on the market.

    Made in Canada


    Mounting Kits for Roto-Shear Crop Cutters

    Mounting kits contain hardware to do both sides of header (2x Common Units).
    *Requires modifying bottom bracket, flat bar brace, hydraulic flow control valve, and running 1/2" hydraulic lines
    Case 2162 27000-07
    4000 Series 27000-04 2014 & Newer (w/ Roto-Shear Ready Option)
    27000-03 2013 & Older
    Black & Yellow 4000 Series 27000-04 2014 & Newer (w/ Roto-Shear Ready Option)
    John Deere 400 Series 27000-07 2013 & Older
    600 Series
    700D Series
    27000-12 (To be confirmed)
    1400 Series
    MacDon 972 27000-01 Requires 2x MD972B13
    D50 27000-06
    D60 & D70 27000-07
    D65 & D75 27000-07
    D1 XL Series 27000-07 2017+
    Massey Ferguson 5200 2x MB08*
    5300 2x MB08* Requires auxiliary hydraulic pump from AGCO
    5400 2x MB08*
    New Holland Duraswath 27000-03
    4000 Series 27000-04 2014 & Newer (w/ Roto-Shear Ready Option)

    Common Questions

    Most mounting kits (eg Macdon) require 3 hoses to be made:

    1. From return line on reel

    2. Between the Roto-Shears

    3. To return where other line is removed

    As these lines are dependent on the width of the front these are best supplied locally.

    AGCO/Massey fronts require a hydraulic flow control valve and all hoses as it is connected to a 3/4" line.

    Honeybee 4000 fronts are available with a Roto-Shear Ready option that comes with hydraulic lines and flow control to plumb the shears into the Reel Circuit via a manifold block. The manifold block is located on the RHS of the front under the safety shielding. It houses a relief valve and a 5 GPM flow control.

    To check if the front has this option, open the crop deflector at one end and check for 2 capped hydraulic hoses. See more images are on the Honeybee 4000 mounting kit page.

    It is recommended that the Roto Shear be plumbed in series with an orbit motor on the reel drive on the windrower, preventing the Roto Shear from operating when the machine is shut down.

    When it is operating, the cutter runs quietly, therefore, it can be very hazardous.

    It is very important to have the orbit motor on the Roto Shear be the last motor in series before the oil returns to the reservoir. This eliminates excessive backpressure in the Roto Shear motor, and possibly cause seal failure. All the Roto-Shear motors have a case drain fitting and this can be connected to tank to reduce risk of shaft seal failure.

    On Massey Ferguson fronts, the Roto-Shears are plumbed into the 3/4" sickle drive hydraulic line and require a pressure compensating hydraulic flow control valve to adapt down to 1/2" lines for the Roto-Shears. A case drain is also required on 5200/5400 fronts.

    Roto Shear common units come with spare knives that are typically just for spare parts. They can be bolted on the stationary side to improve cutting but it is not very common. It may help in certain situations.