Beulah Machinery has been importing and refurbishing used Flexi-Coil air seeders from the Canadian market for over 15 years. We have the largest selection of secondhand Flexi-Coil air seeders in New South Wales, and we stock a full range of replacement parts.

All air carts and bars have been checked, reconditioned, and can be set up to your specification.



Beulah Machinery is your local dealer for Morris seeders, carts, and drills in Central NSW.


Morris equipment is available in narrow transport models for easy movement between paddocks and has an extensive parts network with overnight availability.


C2 Contour Drill


The next generation C2 Contour lets you cut through trash and makes opener adjustments easier.  The independent opener features parallel linkage for ultra-precise seed and fertilizer placement.  Adjustable packing pressure lets you pull through damp spots. Available in narrow transport models of 25 feet and 31 feet up to large five-frame 86 feet models.

The innovative Pillar disc opener allows dual placement of seed and fertiliser on the single opener and eliminates hairpinning on the seed bed.


DH-Series Drill (30/40/50/60)


Contact us to see how the Pillar opener works in your soils!


Tired of poorly designed blockage sensors that give false positives and block your air seeder's runs? We have been using and selling the AGTRON line of population and blockage sensors for the past 5 years and they have been excellent performers in the field.

AGTRON sensors are made from stainless steel and use an optical system to monitor seed rate and blockage. Detection of low rate or blocked runs is done in 1 second or less, with blocked runs indicated by their number on the monitor screen.