S. Houle’s heavy duty rock buckets are available for all types of tractors, and comes in models from 5’ to 9’ and different strength, to suit tractors from 30hp to 200+ hp. These rock buckets offer great strength, flexibility, durability, and BB class buckets are ideal for clearing debris such as for construction cleanups.



Forged Steel Tips on Rock BucketsForged Tips

New tips are made of forged steel that are more than twice as strong with vertical and side loads as the industry standard and are 75% more resistant to wear.

The specially designed profile offers a stopper that allows for more volume capacity by keeping rocks from tumbling back.

 BB Series - Skid Steer

The BB Series are designed for tractors ranging from 30 to 60 HP or for small skid steer loaders. It is ideal for picking up rocks or debris from the surface of the ground.

 B Series - Up to 100 HP

The B Series rock buckets are suitable for tractors from 60 to 100 HP as well as skid steer loaders and backhoes. These buckets are designed to pick up rocks on the surface but can be used for light digging.

 HB Series - Up to 200 HP

The HB Series is intended for use with tractors ranging from 85 to 200 HP. These buckets will scoop rocks from the surface of the ground but can also dig up medium sized rocks.

 SHB Series - 200+ HP

The SHB Series are built for industrial loaders and can also be mounted on any large backhoe loader. Each tine is reinforced with a high strength steel plate for maximum durability. With the strength of this bucket you can dig up and move any kind of debris.

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BB Series - Skid Steer

1 1/8" forks with 1 3/4" spacing

  Width Weight
BB-5 5 ft  235 kg
BB-6 6 ft 295 kg




Beulah Machinery stocks bolt on brackets for John Deere Quick Attach, Skid steer, and Euro style front end loaders. Brackets to fit other makes can be easily fabricated at your local tractor specialist.


Grapple Attachment

The optional grapple attachment mounts on 7' - 9' Houle buckets and provide another layer of versatility and make them great at picking fallen tree limbs and other debris.





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