Conventional Augers

Conventional augers can be used for loading and unloading trucks and silos and have a motor mounted to the frame. 8", 10", and 13" models range from 36' to 61' long and can be fitted with manual or hydraulic mover kits.

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Swing Away Augers

Swing away augers are ideal for loading grain into silos and bunkers when a tractor is available. Models are 10", 13", and 16", from 60' up to 104'. Farm King scissor lift undercarriage allows more reach than standard A-frame augers.

Swing away augers can be fitted with Rodono Xtend for faster and more efficient unloading of bottom hopper grain trailers.

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Roller Mill

Farm King roller mills are designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed. Built with durable, heavy-gauge materials, Farm King roller mills deliver top-quality processed grain with minimum maintenance and low operating costs.

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Grain Cleaner

Farm King grain cleaners use a pair of rotating drums fitted with screens to separate out trash from your grain. An assortment of screen sizes allow you to use this machine on different crops.

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Grain Vac

Efficient transport of grain from bin to truck, bin to bin, storage shed to truck, and basic bin cleanup. The high vacuum suction carries the crop and aids in cleaning trash particles as the crop goes through the grain vac. Beulah Machinery has these available for rental as well.

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High-Clearance Sprayers

Variable rate controls, five function boom fold, and 3-way nozzle bodies are just a few of the many features that come standard on every Farm King High-Clearance Sprayer. Each sprayer is designed with the operator in mind to provide cost reducing technologies and affordable options.

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Grader Blades

Available in five series suitable for tractors ranging from 15 hp to 150 hp, Farm King rear blades are capable of tackling tough scraping projects.

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XTEND Retracting Swing Auger

Retracting and extending auger, replaces factory swing auger. Perfect for easy unloading of hopper bottom trailers. Available for retrofit to Farm King augers. Mechanical drive.

Beulah Machinery has been importing and selling Highline rock pickers in Australia for 15 years. Highline Manufacturing started as a farm based enterprise and their products are built tough to tackle the job.

Rock Pickers

Rock Pickers in Cowra NSW Australia

Highline Manufacturing rock pickers are built with a guided reel to pick more rocks with less dirt in the bin than conventional rock pickers. The reel is hydraulically driven with no chains or sprockets to wear out, reversible to clear jams, and a reinforced perimeter frame provides strength and durability. Hydraulic swing-away hitch is standard.

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Beulah Machinery is the Australian importer for Fabrication S. Houle range of rock pickers and rock/debris buckets.


Rock/Debris Buckets

S. Houle’s rock bucket is available for all types of tractors, and comes in models from 4’ to 9’ and different strength, to suit tractors from 30hp to 200+ hp. These rock buckets offer great strength, flexibility, durability, and BB class buckets are ideal for clearing debris such as for construction cleanups.

Beulah Machinery stocks bolt on brackets for John Deere and Euro style front end loaders. Brackets to fit other makes can be easily fabricated at your local tractor specialist.

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Rock Rakes / Windrowers

S. Houle rock rakes are available in 10' and 15' models, with fully enclosed chain case to stand up to dust. The teeth are made from RT-400 steel for extended wear life, and are reversible and replaceable. The 10' model is available in 3-point linkage or trailing model, and the 15' is trailing with either manual or hydraulic fold for transport.

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Land Leveler

The S. Houle land leveler has a replaceable blade, hydraulic lift, and can achieve side grades of 6º with the tilting basket.

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